Text Fiction
The Z-Machine interpreter for Android

A Book will just tell you a story. Text Fiction lets you play a role in it.

  • Read interactive novels
  • Make your own plot decisions
  • Solve puzzles
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Screenshot: playing Zork

Huge story collection

Plays award winning stories such as Michael S. Gentry's 'Anchorhead' or classics like Infocom's famous Zork triology. Choose your story from the game catalog!

Innovative User Interface

Designed to look and feel like an instant messenger app. Commands can be build by tapping words on the story board.

The perfect app to go

Works offline, goes easy on the battery and takes up virtually no space on the device. The ideal travel compagnion app for long road trips!

Privacy first

No ads, no data collection! Designed to respect your privacy!

Free and Open Source Software

Build on the shoulders of giants and continuing the tradition.

Designed to be Accessible

Easy to handle for blind and visually impaired users. Stories can optionally be read out aloud via Text To Speech synthesis.

Screenshot: Zork by Infocom - the text adventure that started everything.

What is Text Fiction?

It all began with a simple question: there's this vast text adventure collection in the public domain. Smartphones are build for texting. Can't we somehow marry the two together? Turns out, we can! Meet Text Fiction, the Android port of Infocom's z-machine engine that looks and feels like an instant messenger app.

Nowadays, we expect our smartphones to entertain us while on the road. However, most mobile games do a poor job at that. They are shallow, repetitive and more focused on delivering ads than actual entertainment, eating up bandwidth and draining the battery as they go. Text Fiction is different!

  • Stories are fun for hours, immersive and play at your own pace
  • Small memory footprint. Takes up virtually no space on the device
  • Intuitive touch interface, almost no typing required

What are users saying?

To date, more than 100.000 people have tried Text Fiction and given it a solid thumbs up on Google Play.

4.1 stars – 2233 reviews

Love the interface, hard to think of things to improve. Used it for a few weeks and still learning neat tricks; touching the peripherals of the screen to walk, entering complex, multiple step sequences. Knocked it out of the park. Practically perfect. Maybe a 'fill last text' button, in case you type a phrase off by one letter. Great app.

I was looking to play a text adventure and came across this little gem! Great web support and simple interface. Merits 5 stars because not only does it do what it should do, but it does it nicely!

Works really well. The only downside is that the novel 'texting'-style interface has made my wife jealous that I spent a long time texting someone other than her.

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