Frequently Asked Questions

Using the app

Why do I only get a blank screen after restoring a game?

That’s the intended behavior. By restoring a game, you move to a different part of the story and your previous chat history no longer applies. Unfortunately, the Quetzal save game standard does not support saving the log, so the next best thing to do is flushing the buffer.

Why can’t I save/restore by commandline?

This is a result of porting the underlying z-machine to Android. You have to use the menu for saving/restoring your games.

Are savegames compatible with other z-machine interpreters?

Unfortunately, no. Text Fiction was meant to use the Quetzal save game standard, but violates it due to a coding error. This cannot be fixed without breaking backwards compatibility.

How can I modify the command buttons?

First put the new command on the command line, then long press the button you want to modify. A dialog will pop up that allows you to set an icon and other options.

Does the app have a nightmode?

Text Fiction comes with two low light color themes: Lucy and Mina.

Is there a time limit for entering commands?

Some stories might create the illusion of urgency, e.g. by telling you that the Grue is nearly upon you, but that’s exactly that: an illusion. The story never progresses without user input. So if you have to put the phone down, it doesn’t matter if you pick it up five minutes later or the next day.

Is it safe to run stories from unknown sources?

Perfectly safe! While stories are actually little programs (“Z Code”), they are run inside a virtual machine (“Z Machine”) which does not have any means for talking to the outside world.

What is a Grue?

A grue is a fictional predatory monster that dwells in the dark. You might get eaten by one when playing Infocom’s Zork.

Authoring stories

How can I write my own stories

The authoring tool of choice is Inform7.

I wrote a story, can I get it listed in the catalog?

Sure! Here are the requirements:

If your game meets all of the above criteria, please submit a link and a description via email.


Is TextFiction Open Source?

Yes! You can grab the source code here.

Why are the ingame credits sometimes different from the ones in the catalog?

Some IF authors choose to operate under a pen name. Some may even have multiple aliases.

All this for free? Where’s the catch?

There is no catch!