Conan kill everything

by Ian Haberkorn

You are Conan. You have a big sword to kill everything and wear a loincloth. Weazle, the evil wizard, destroyed everything that Conan loved. Now, in this dungeon containing Weazle, a door, an oaken table, and red apple, Conan will KILL EVERYTHING!

In this game you play the legendary Cimmerian barbarian, Conan, and your objective is simple. Kill everything. No, not every living thing. Everything. The walls of the room only escape Conan’s mighty wrath because they “are already dead. Conan suspects that he killed them in an earlier episode.”

Although a one room game, and as mentioned before, very short, some interesting puzzles exist here. None will stymie a veteran IF player for long, but they puzzles are fair and logical, if progressing to a logical extreme. There’s not much of a plot or story to speak off, but given the source of the game, expecting one seems silly.

Play this!