Dinner with Andre

by Liza Daly

You are a woman enjoying a (so far) perfect date. The restaurant decor is a bit nontraditional and the menu was decidedly eclectic. Your date asks, “So, how should we end this perfect ni–” when the waiter starts clearing the table. Noisily. Left on the table are a basket of rolls, a bottle of wine, and a candle. You are wearing a patterned dress, funky shoes, and carrying a purse. Your date’s warm gaze meets your own; The Question is out there.

The waiter returns. “Will there be anything else tonight?”

You’re on a date, getting ambushed by all sorts of embarrassments and trying to save face. Fun puzzles and nicely goofy feel, though your character can be a bit of a drag–she’s so insecure that you may want to shake some sense into her rather than going along with her schemes. Still, everything works well, and there’s an enormously funny take on snooty waiters that makes the game worth trying all by itself.

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