by Kathleen M. Fischer

You are Commander Tanur, a combat pilot with twenty years experience, sent to this abandoned planet, an old massacre site, to babysit a Domin Ambassador. No one expected this driving rain to appear so suddenly, and you shoved the ambassador into his shuttle which takes off prematurely, sending a hail of stones against the hull of your fighter, an ALT/EF-32. Unfortunately, when you turn on the engine switch, nothing happens.

Your planet has been colonized and your fellow inhabitants massacred; you’re supposed to be accompanying the ambassador of the colonizing planet, but something goes wrong and you’re stranded on the (apparently) empty planet. Good large-scale puzzles and nicely done atmosphere–the underlying plot is a little familiar, but everything hangs together well. The REMEMBER verb fills in a lot of useful background detail. Solid, difficult in places.

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