Taunting Donut

by Kalev Tait

You might be any human, carrying nothing. You’ve woken up in your doorless, windowless room where your captors have put you. The obvious things in your room are your bed, pillow, hammer, crowbar, and a fountain of water falling from one corner of the ceiling.

You also see today’s meal and challenge: a donut tied to the ceiling via a string, and out of reach.

This is a one-room game with two simple, but very logical, puzzles. It doesn’t aim very high, but it hits its target. The sparse implementation is well-excused by the premise that the protagonist has been abducted by aliens who are not all that sure of what constitutes ideal living conditions for a human being: literally everything plays into one of the game’s puzzles in some capacity, and subtle details give the protagonist himself a nice bit of characterization.

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