The Moonlit Tower

by Yoon Ha Lee

The sound of porcelain shattering. You are surrounded by stone, not a prison, that somehow admits the moonlight to diffuse through it. Carved stairs spiral downward.

Who you are isn’t clear. You remember the armor and silks you wear, but not your face. A porcelain mask is on the floor – a half mask. And you – the left side of your face is porcelain, as if it were part of you, as if it wasn’t a mask at all. How long have you worn porcelain as a face?

A beautifully-written game based on Asian mythology. To explain the premise would be difficult, but that’s not really an issue – the best thing about this game is simply enjoying the setting, which is full of rare and lovely imagery. The puzzles are occasionally a bit elusive, but the built-in hint system helps somewhat with that problem. There are also multiple endings and an extensive set of notes describing the game’s background – quite a lot of polish for a (relatively) brief piece.

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